Post and packaging

The plug plants that we supply are mainly grown in ‘plugs’ measuring approx 3cm in diameter.  The ‘above ground’ part of the plant can vary in height depending on when it is dispatched.  A good average height would be 10cm but of course this can vary depending on the variety and the time in the season that the order is placed.

Through experience we have found that plug plants survive the journey better when not too wet.  If they are too wet when packed they tend to sweat up and start to rot, especially if delayed at all.

Each lot of five plug plants is packaged in a blister pack.

The plants are held into position and protected from the ravages of the postal/courier system.  We have sent many thousands of packs to addresses all over the European Union and so far very few packs have been damaged enough to affect the plants inside.  If more than one pack is ordered at a time

then they are sent together in a cardboard box or jiffy bag, depending on the  size of the order. 

We recommend you open the pack as soon as you get it and remove the plants then gently water them to help them recover from the journey.

Orders for other items such as bulbs, bare root stock, seeds and plant pots are sent in either jiffy bags, boxes or envelopes as appropriate.

We aim to dispatch all completed orders within the next 3 working days. There may of course be the very rare occasion when this isn’t possible but we will always keep you informed about your order.

Our post and packing prices are automatically worked out on the estimated weight of the complete order and you will be given a choice of delivery options during the secure payment process once you have chosen all your items.

If the worst happens and your order arrives damaged in any way please do let us know within 5 days and we will either replace it or give you a refund.

Ready for packing
Plug plants in their packaging
Some of our packaging